For Artists

We offer artists and labels  4  great opportunities without any hassle:

  1. Extra exposure
  2. Extra income
  3. No investments
  4. Build your community

Here are some of the artists we have worked with before:
CB Milton, Do, Andy burrows, Charley Luske, Tara Mc Donald, Rafaella, Sharon Doorson, Sjors van der Panne, Handsome Poets, Ricardo Phatt, Racoon, Niels Geusebroek,  Solo, Van Velzen, Mr Mississippi, The Kik, Kane, Giovanna, Thomas Beijer, Tania Cross, Alain Clark,  Theo Nijland, Mike Bodde, Kees Torn, Dames voor na Vieren, Conservatorium Orkest Amsterdam, Blaudzun, Janne Schra, Moss, Yasmin, New Cool Collective, Beets Brothers, Masada, Junior Songfestival, Kinderen voor Kinderen, Wende Sneijders, Martine Sandifort.